Welcome to AS211960

An experimental IPv4 and IPv6 network ready to peer with you!

About AS211960

AS211960 is an autonomous system providing my personal IPv4 and IPv6 services in:

  • 2001:67c:2924::/48
  • 2a04:1ac0::/29


AS211960 is open for peering. Contact me to discuss the details. Please check if you comply with the sections Peering Locations and Policy before sending a request.


AS211960 is currently available at the following IXPs:

In case you are using the publicly available route servers at these locations we already exchange traffic. Let's start exchanging routes directly.

If you are unable to peer at a public IXP we may establish a virtual connection using the following protocols:

  • Wireguard
  • GRE


For peering with AS211960 you must agree to the following terms:
  • Public ASNs and addresses only
    You must send your publicly available ASN. Please do not send requests for private networks according to RFC 1918, RFC 4193, RFC 6996 or similar.
  • Maximum prefix length
    You must announce at least a /24 IPv4 and/or a /48 IPv6 prefix. Longer prefixes are not allowed.
  • Default or static routes
    You must not point static or default routes to AS211960.
  • Transit
    AS211960 does not offer transit by default. I may offer transit upon agreement while I reserve the right to shutdown your connection without preliminary warning. There is no guarantee for availability.
  • NOC
    You must provide contact details of your NOC. These include a phone number as well as an email address. Keep in mind that I do not require any response time agreement but may shutdown connections at any time in case of problems.
  • Availability
    AS211960 has been designed to tolerate at least a single failure. This means that AS211960 will remain available in case a single exchange point fails. This doesn't mean that your connection to AS211960 will be always up depending on your chosen peering methods and locations.
  • Maintenance
    Each site agrees to keep their systems up-to-date. This includes system updates to retain security and stability as well as configuration changes to retain the peering itself.
  • Announcements
    You must only announce routes originating your AS. Announcing third party routes to AS211960 may result in immediate cancellation of the peering agreement.
  • Filtering
    AS211960 has two types of filters in place:
    • IRRdb All received prefixes are checked against IRR databases. Invalid routes will be silently dropped. Filters are automatically updated on a regular basis.
    • RPKI AS211960 operates two independent RPKI validators to check ROAs. All BGP sessions enforce matching if a VRP for the received prefix has been found.
  • Maximum prefixes
    Exceeding the maximum number of configured prefixes will cause the session to shutdown automatically.


Send an email whenever you want:

Or call me by phone for urgent requests +49 241 9138508-2